Stop the War on Comedy

(CNN) -- First, there was the war on drugs. Then came the war on terrorism. Followed by the war on Christmas, women and religion. We seem to love waging wars.

And now a new war has broken out: the war on comedy.

This war started just a week ago by those defending Rush Limbaugh's infamous attack on Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law school student who simply offered an opinion Limbaugh didn't like. So, Limbaugh being the "entertainer" that he is, responded by calling this young woman a "slut" and "prostitute."

With Limbaugh under attack for his despicable comments, his supporters launched a desperate counterattack to save him by targeting "liberal" comedians like Bill Maher and Louie C.K. for their crude and demeaning jokes about Sarah Palin. Their point was that Limbaugh may have been bad, but he's not the only one, so he should be forgiven. (I'd love to see a defendant in a murder trial try this defense.)

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