Ted Cruz is the Miley Cyrus of the Senate

11 October 2013
Published in Blog

By Dean Obeidallah

October 11, 2013

(The Daily Beast) Ted Cruz desperately needs help. He has an addiction. And alarmingly it’s to the one of the most powerful and destructive drugs out there: fame.

Cruz’s addiction has lead him to do the unthinkable. No, not shutting down the government, but the more amazing feat of becoming the Miley Cyrus of politics. In fact, he’s been making Miley look like a camera-shy recluse.

What’s next for Cruz to get our attention? Cruz giving a speech in Senate chamber while licking a gavel à la Miley? Tweeting out a nude selfie? Or worse: twerking.

Some of Cruz’s fellow Republicans have been warning us for weeks about his erratic behavior, but we have ignored them. Sen. Bob Corker called him “confused.” Karl Rove noted that, “His fellow senators don’t know where he is coming from.” And Republican congressman Peter King—a man known for his warmth and compassion—made it clear that what Cruz is doing is “a form of governmental terrorism.”

How did we miss the signs of Cruz’s fame addiction? He didn’t even try to hide it. Just this past February, in only his second month as a U.S. senator, Cruz made it clear that he required insatiable amounts of attention. Then, he used video clips and innuendo to attack Chuck Hagel’s reputation during Hagel’s confirmation hearings for secretary of defense.

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