Paul Ryan Reveals his Radical Roots

05 November 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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All Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan had to do was keep his radical views hidden for two more days--actually, less than 48 hours. Perhaps then less voters would be aware of how extreme and divisive he really is. But Ryan couldn’t wait. Maybe it’s because he was “under duress” as recent polls show President Obama’s lead in Ohio growing. Plus a new Pew Poll indicates President Obama now has a three point national lead.…

Vote Damn It!

05 November 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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You'd better vote! I really want to channel my inner Samuel L. Jackson and use some truly descriptive words to convey my feelings and "strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger," but instead, I will do my best to take "the path of the righteous man." Why vote? What does it matter? Politicians are all the same. I don't like any of them. We have all heard these reasons from those who…

Is Mitt Romney a “Political Sociopath”?

31 October 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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Sociopath: a person who has “no social conscience.” We often hear this term used to describe criminals who commit heinous acts but show no signs of remorse. These people lack the ability to discern between right and wrong. Look, I’m in no way saying that Mitt Romney is a sociopath in the sense it’s applied to serial killers. But Mitt Romney might just be a new strain of this malady: a “political sociopath.” How else…

Obama-stare puts a spell on Romney

25 October 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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(CNN) -- The key to President Barack Obama's triumphant performance in Monday night's debate was not his command of the facts, his well-crafted answers or his cutting comeback lines. It was one thing: the stone cold, laser-like stare Obama shot his opponent when Mitt Romney was answering questions. I call it "Obama-stare" -- but unlike Obamacare, this Obama plan may not be good for your health. For those, like me, who watch the other candidate…

We need more Joe Bidens

13 October 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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(CNN) -- In a world of politicians who memorize sound bites and regurgitate them like robots, Joe Biden is different. Biden says it as he sees it. And, yes, that philosophy can lead to a few gaffes. OK, in Biden's case, a lot of gaffes. But that's the risk with being real. Maybe Joe Biden isn't always "presidential" as that word has come to be defined, but isn't it about time we revised the definition…

Will Big Bird be Downsized?

10 October 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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(CNN) -- What has Big Bird ever done to Mitt Romney?! Did a young Mitt try to meet Big Bird and Big Bird snubbed him? Did Big Bird in essence give Mitt "the bird'? Or was Romney just channeling his inner Oscar the Grouch? For those who may have missed it, during last night's presidential debate, Mitt Romney said that if elected president he would cut funding to PBS. He even mentioned Big Bird by…

Advice to Obama and Romney for debates: Be Funny!

02 October 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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“Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” This adage may be the reason that President Obama and Mitt Romney will avoid using humor during their upcoming presidential debates. But that’s a mistake. Past presidential candidates have used comedy in the debates, and guess what, they won the election. Obviously that’s not the only reason they won, but you can’t deny it helped them. Here’s something you don’t need a high-priced, inside the Washington beltway political consultant…

The GOP has a Muslim problem

03 September 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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(CNN) -- A Catholic priest, a rabbi, an evangelical minister, a Sikh, a Greek Orthodox archbishop and two Mormon leaders walk into the Republican National Convention. It sounds like the beginning of a joke. But the Republican Party's decision to invite representatives from all of these faiths to speak at this week's convention, but to exclude a Muslim-American imam, is anything but funny. The Republican Party has a problem with Muslims. Of course, American Muslims…

Mitt Romney insults US Olympians with VP Announcement

11 August 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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“Why would Mitt Romney steal the spotlight from our US Olympic athletes during the Olympics?” This was my immediate reaction when I heard that Romney was announcing his choice for Vice President on Saturday morning. I couldn’t understand why Mitt could not wait until after the Olympic ended Sunday night to make this announcement? And I can assure you that I would be asking the identical question if a Democratic presidential candidate had done the…

America's Slaughterhouse: Who's Really To Blame?

31 July 2012 Written by Lawrence D. Elliott
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By Lawrence D. Elliott July 31, 2012 Businessman, philanthropist and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has made his opinion known on the subject of gun control after the senseless massacre in Aurora, CO. An outspoken advocate for gun control in a state with arguably the toughest gun laws in the nation, it was no surprise he'd soon make his voice heard. Through radio, television, and the newspapers, he's urging the two major Presidential candidates to…

A National Conversation, Not The Sounds of Silence

28 July 2012 Written by Scott Blakeman
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By Scott Blakeman  July 28, 2012 Imagine if immediately after the attacks on September 11, 2001, President Bush shrugged his shoulders and told the nation, "There's nothing we can do to stop this kind of horror. If a terrorist wants to hijack a plane and fly it into a building, he's going to do it regardless of what we do or laws we sign." And yet a week after a domestic terrorist slaughtered innocent men,…

Why isn’t the Colorado shooter considered a Terrorist?

22 July 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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James Holmes is a terrorist. You would think this would be undisputed. But it’s not. Why? Two reasons keep coming up: 1. He had no overt political agenda for his attack and/or; 2. He is not a Muslim. I’m sure some are saying: Why does his religion matter? Let us be honest: If James Holmes had instead been named Jalal and was Muslim, the response by the media and most Americans would be different. The…

Is Mitt Romney actually “Stupid”?

18 July 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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Could Mitt Romney be “stupid”? That’s the question CNN’s Erin Burnett posed on her show this past Monday when discussing Romney’s refusal to release his past income tax returns. Actually, she hypothesized that there were three possible reasons Mitt refused to release them: “One, he had a lot more money in tax shelters in prior years than he does now." "Two, he did something shady.” “Or, three, he's stupid." Could Mitt’s refusal to release these…
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