Are You a Bigot if You Oppose Same Sex Marriage?

03 April 2013 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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(CNN) -- If someone today argued for laws to legally bar interracial marriage that person would universally be labeled a bigot. But in 1967 when the U.S. Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia struck down state laws prohibiting interracial marriage, 73% of Americans still supported them. Did that mean that more than 70% of Americans at that time were bigots? No. But there certainly came a time that you were one if you continued advocating…

How Obama has weaponized wit

28 March 2013 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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(CNN) -- Barack Obama would make a great stand-up comic, not because he's the funniest president ever but because he uses jokes the same way many of us comedians do: As a weapon. Traditionally, the (intentionally) funny lines by our presidents have had one thing in common: They were self-deprecating. Sure, some presidents have used jokes to take jabs at their opponents, but not to the extent of Obama. During his tenure, he has increasingly…

Stop talking about Chris Christie's Weight!

07 February 2013 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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Have you heard the one about the fat Governor?  Of course you have. You can’t avoid him. Chris Christie is huge. (Horrible pun intended.) The obsession with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s weight has become a national pastime.  Comedians (including myself), late night TV hosts and the Twittersphere love to talk and joke about Christie’s weight. It’s almost as easy as writing jokes about the despicable Donald Trump- who I believe if he was alive…

Donald Trump's War on Comedy

04 February 2013 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t possibly slither to a lower level, he has done it. The paradoxically thin-skinned, yet leather-faced Trump announced Monday that he’s going to sue comedian Bill Maher for $5 million dollars in essence because of a joke Maher told mocking The Donald. What led to Trump getting his hair all in a wad? It all started in January when Bill Maher was on “The Tonight Show” and joked that…

Presidents should not swear in on a Bible

23 January 2013 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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(CNN) -- U.S. presidents should not be sworn into office with their hand on a Bible. At Monday's inauguration of his second term, President Barack Obama will raise his right hand and place his left on not one, but two Bibles: One owned by Abraham Lincoln and the other by Martin Luther King Jr. The Constitution requires he give this oath of office: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the…

Give Brent Musburger a Break

10 January 2013 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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(CNN) What's the age at which older men are no longer allowed to compliment women in their 20s on being beautiful? Is there an age when such compliments go from nice to creepy? And is there a similar rule that bars older women from calling younger men "handsome"? We ask because of the uproar that erupted this week when 73-year-old ESPN sportscaster Brent Musburger made a slew of comments -- on air -- about the…

NRA: Guns Don’t Kill People, Video Games Do

22 December 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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The charade of Friday’s NRA press conference was best summed up by one of the last lines uttered at it by NRA President David Keene: “…this is the beginning of a serious conversation-We won’t be taking questions today.” Of course, neither Keene nor NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre would be taking questions. This “press conference” was not the beginning of any conversation–it was a lecture. They were there to enlighten us. They were there…

Stephen Colbert for US Senate! (Seriously)

12 December 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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The people of South Carolina have spoken: They want Stephen Colbert as their next US Senator. And yes, that Stephen Colbert from Comedy Central. And no, I’m not joking. A new poll released Monday found that South Carolina voters favor Stephen Colbert to fill the soon to be vacated US Senate seat of Jim DeMint. Colbert came in first chosen by 20% of those polled followed by South Carolina Representatives Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy.…

Don't Name Your Kid Siri

02 December 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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Siri, Mars, Mac and Luna. I'm not talking Apple products or planetary terms. These are baby names. And not just any baby names but ones that have jumped in popularity in 2012, according to Baby's just released list. Baby Siri? Seriously, who would name their bundle of joy after a frustrating Apple product that hardly ever works? And speaking of Apple (see daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin,) that name moved up a…

Paul Ryan Reveals his Radical Roots

05 November 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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All Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan had to do was keep his radical views hidden for two more days--actually, less than 48 hours. Perhaps then less voters would be aware of how extreme and divisive he really is. But Ryan couldn’t wait. Maybe it’s because he was “under duress” as recent polls show President Obama’s lead in Ohio growing. Plus a new Pew Poll indicates President Obama now has a three point national lead.…

Vote Damn It!

05 November 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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You'd better vote! I really want to channel my inner Samuel L. Jackson and use some truly descriptive words to convey my feelings and "strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger," but instead, I will do my best to take "the path of the righteous man." Why vote? What does it matter? Politicians are all the same. I don't like any of them. We have all heard these reasons from those who…

Is Mitt Romney a “Political Sociopath”?

31 October 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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Sociopath: a person who has “no social conscience.” We often hear this term used to describe criminals who commit heinous acts but show no signs of remorse. These people lack the ability to discern between right and wrong. Look, I’m in no way saying that Mitt Romney is a sociopath in the sense it’s applied to serial killers. But Mitt Romney might just be a new strain of this malady: a “political sociopath.” How else…

Obama-stare puts a spell on Romney

25 October 2012 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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(CNN) -- The key to President Barack Obama's triumphant performance in Monday night's debate was not his command of the facts, his well-crafted answers or his cutting comeback lines. It was one thing: the stone cold, laser-like stare Obama shot his opponent when Mitt Romney was answering questions. I call it "Obama-stare" -- but unlike Obamacare, this Obama plan may not be good for your health. For those, like me, who watch the other candidate…
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