Can We Debate Politics And Not "Unfriend" Each Other?

18 November 2014 Written by Denise Tarud
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By Denise Tarud November 18, 2014 One of my favourite things when I was a little kid, somewhere in South America, was to go have tea with my grandfather at the Senate. Pastries of all kinds, hot chocolate, and the yummiest sandwiches were the main attraction, of course, but so was being the center of attention of all those very elegant men like grandpa, who asked all sorts of questions that made me feel smart.…

One Syrian Child, One Life Affirming Lollipop

16 November 2014 Written by Rasha Abousalem
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By Rasha Abousalem November 16, 2014 His eyes were dim, heavy with the stresses of seeing war and loss and death. I did not know his name, but I would never forget his face. It’s carved into my mind, as if time had frozen still. He was probably around 4 years old, but his face looked as if it had aged decades. Something about the way he stood in front of me as I heard…

Life Without Parole at 14 Years Old

12 November 2014 Written by Seema Iyer
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By Seema Iyer, Esq. November 12, 2014 When you represent someone young charged with a crime often times you have to give “the speech.” Take a kid, usually between 13 and 19 who has never been charged with a serious crime.  You are in the courthouse holding pens overwhelmed by the patchouli-lysol scent that masks decades of filth, unwashed bodies and the overflowing toilet stench. You would think that is enough to knock some sense…

“Jihad” - What does it REALLY mean?

11 November 2014 Written by Yahya Bedair
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By Yahya Bedair November 11, 2014 One of the most prominent concepts cited by anti-Muslim bigots is the notion of jihad. A quick look at conservative TV channels and websites and one would notice that they universally define jihad as the epitome of evil. So what is this jihad they speak of? Jihad is an arcane theme that is commonly most misunderstood, or perhaps insufficiently known, by many people. Mainly due to extremist groups and…

What We See and What We Don’t in Pakistan bombings

07 November 2014 Written by David Peduto
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By David Peduto  November 7, 2014 It happened again. On Sunday, November 2, another terrorist attack took place in Pakistan. At least 56 people were killed in a bombing near the country’s Wagah border crossing with India. Without even looking at a picture from the scene, you can probably draw a pretty good image of it. Pools of blood, white sheets, people crying. All these terrorist attacks, they all look the same. While a picture can…

India's Solution for Gay Sex? Straight Marriage

04 November 2014 Written by Seema Iyer
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By Seema Iyer, Esq. November 4, 2014 On November 1, 1968 a young Indian couple, chaperoned by their parents, first met over tea. Two days later they were married. Those crazy kids are my parents and that, my friends, is what we call arranged marriage. Sure the concept has evolved, now it’s almost a for people of the same caste, class, religion and of course from the same “village” or “native place” (Think ‘hood’…

GOP has to be feeling the heat today!

04 November 2014 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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By Dean Obeidallah November 4, 2014 Republican leaders must be starting to sweat.   True, they are the favorites to win many key races today.  But here’s the thing: All the Democrats have to do is NOT lose more than five US Senate seats and the media will cast the Republicans as the BIG losers of this election. And I’m not just talking the liberal media.  Just a few days ago conservative writer and Fox news…

To US media Canadian shooter being Muslim ends investigation

24 October 2014 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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By Dean Obeidallah October 24, 2014 I really feel sorry for the journalists working in Canadian media who are reporting on Wednesday’s tragic shooting death of Corporal Nathan Cirillo.  You see, they are apparently required to do actual journalism to determine why the gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau killed the soldier.  They were obligated to interview family and friends documenting Bibeau’s mental problems. They had to research his extensive criminal past and his struggles with drugs. They…

Monica vs. Malala

23 October 2014 Written by Seema Iyer, Esq.
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By Seema Iyer, Esq. October 23, 2014 This is not another opinion piece on Monica Lewinsky. (Well, if you want to get technical about it, it is, but read on and you will see what I mean.)  But her reemergence into the spotlight did strike me with a stark revelation.  I am surrounded, day in and day out, by whiny, ‘it’s everybody’s fault but mine’ complainers – and I just can’t take it anymore. Sure…

I Found The Cure For Ebola-mania!

22 October 2014 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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By Dean Obeidallah October 22, 2014 I hate to admit it, but I had Ebolamania.  I first noticed the symptoms a week ago.  I found myself worrying about being in large crowds for fear someone might have Ebola. I soon began to incessantly use hand sanitizer.  I even wondered if I could put some Purell on my fingers and insert them into my nose to kill germs.  (I wouldn’t recommend it!) My Ebolamania really took…

What happens when the Sperm Bank makes the WRONG Deposit?

17 October 2014 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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By Seema Iyer, Esq. October 17, 2014 Two lesbians and a black man walk into a sperm bank – sounds like the beginnings of a bad joke.  Unfortunately, it is the true reality for a couple in Ohio who sought to have a white baby by choosing a white male donor until the sperm bank made an irreparable error. Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zinkon, a white couple, went to the Midwest Sperm Bank in the…

A Muslim's open letter to Bill Maher

13 October 2014 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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  By Faryal Malik October 13, 2014 Dear Bill (I hope you don’t mind if I call you Bill because it’s the nicest word I can use to describe you at this point): We get it. You are an aggressive atheist. You abhor religions. For you it is fashionable to be controversial. Being edgy is part of your job description. Congratulations, you are now so edgy that Bill O’Reilly of Fox News agrees with your views.…

The Islam You Don't Know

11 October 2014 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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By David Peduto  October 11, 2014 I can see where a man like Bill Maher is coming from when it comes to Islam. As he would have it, Islam is a violent religion that runs counter to all that we as Americans hold dear – freedom, justice, democracy. Of course, he is not alone in this assessment. Indeed, such a view is a majority opinion among non-Muslim Americans. It’s an opinion that, as a child…
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