Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Convenient Use of Her Muslim Identity to Bash Islam

30 March 2015 Written by Hira Uddin
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By Hira Uddin March 30, 2015 I previously thought there was nothing more terrifying than a seasoned Islamophobe preaching hatred from a platform like Fox News. The network is notorious for fabricating untruths and propagating misinformation about Islam and Muslims in order to create fear in the minds of Americans. The fact that Fox abuses the word “news” to disguise bigotry as factual information is frightening for anyone who does not come from a similar…

Why NYC Public Schools Observing The Eid Is More Important Than You Think

22 March 2015 Written by Nadine Mansour
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By Nadine Mansour March 23, 2015 Recently New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced what some American Muslim children had been waiting years to hear: NYC public schools will be closed in observance of the two holiest Muslim holidays. So come next school year, NYC public schools will close the first day of Eid al Fitr, a 3-day celebration immediately following Ramadan, and on Eid al Adha, commemorating Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son…

Can comedy defeat the NRA?

19 March 2015 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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By Dean Obeidallah March 19, 2015 The NRA has battled and beaten numerous adversaries that sought to enact laws they believed could save the lives of Americans from gun violence. But there’s a new weapon in this fight against the NRA that just may make a difference: Comedy. So what is the new comedic approach that hopes to reduce the 32 Americans killed every day by gun violence in our country? Well, the Brady Campaign…

"The Gate Crashers" - A New Comedy Starring The U.S. Secret Service

17 March 2015 Written by Seema Iyer
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By Seema Iyer, Esq. March 17, 2015 Imagine a movie with Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Seth Rogen & Will Ferrell. Now put them in suits, give them badges, guns, earpieces and a presidential security detail. Sounds like the perfect buddy film about our nation’s Secret Service. Tell me you can’t picture Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, after happy hour at the Old Ebbitt Grill, driving a car into a bomb scene investigation. The script is…

A 14 Year Old Muslim American Girl's Brush With Hate

11 March 2015 Written by Fatima Minhas
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By Fatima Minhas March 11, 2015 In the summer before I started 8th grade, there was a conflict in the Middle East. Tension was rising as people in the Gaza Strip were trying to save themselves from Israeli rocket attacks. They were aimed at Hamas, a Palestinian organization that had been firing missiles at Israel. I had heard a lot about the issue from my parents and from the news, and it troubled me that so…

Why Would Our Girls Join ISIS?!

27 February 2015 Written by Huma Munir
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By Huma Munir February 27, 2015 This week, investigators confirmed that three British girls who flew into Turkey have indeed crossed the border into Syria to possibly join militant group ISIS. As a young Muslim woman, I am left grappling with confusion after reading stories of western youth— especially women— becoming radicalized. According to a recent study by the Institute of Strategic Dialogue in London, among the 3000 foreigners who joined ISIS, more than 500…

Yes, Islamophobia Is Real In America

25 February 2015 Written by Shahina Bashir
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By Shahina Bashir February 25, 2015 On Sunday night, I received a frantic email from a friend who lives on the West Coast. She wrote in her email that as she was walking out of her local grocery store and her caught sight of an attaractive newspaper titled, “Good News Northwest.” Out of interest, she picked up the paper and browsed through it. Soon she saw an article titled “A Terrorist’s Fairy Tale” by Michael…

American Sniper: Mental Illness on Trial

24 February 2015 Written by Seema Iyer
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By Seema Iyer, Esq. Ferbruary 24, 2015 The real American Sniper, Chris Kyle, engaged in charitable work helping vets suffering from mental illness. And in that vain, thought it wise to take an ex-soldier with a history of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to a gun range. That move got him killed.   Eddie Ray Routh, a former Marine stands trial for murdering Chris Kyle and another military veteran, Chad Littlefield. The trial just happened to start…

How Can You Hate Islam and Not Hate Muslims?

23 February 2015 Written by Hira Uddin
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By Hira Uddin February 24, 2015 Just recently, I overheard two of my co-workers discussing how “those people” are horrid and hell-bent on committing violent acts of crime. The subject of their conversation involved a news story about ISIS and the people they were referring to were all those practicing Islam. Unbeknownst to them, there was one of “those people”, a Muslim, working and sharing space alongside of them: me. They were blissfully unaware that…

Malcolm X: Rap, Race and Islam

22 February 2015 Written by Laith Saud
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By Laith Saud February 22, 2015 This past weekend, the 50th anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination passed – with less notice than it deserved. Yet so much of Malcolm X’s life: his words, his tone, his courage, remain relevant. And many of his struggles as a black man and Muslim man in America persist. Fifty years after his death, we may have a black president, but American culture has regressed. Malcolm X remains a touchstone…

Muslim Lives Should Matter Too

15 February 2015 Written by Eman El Husseini
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By Eman El Husseini February 15, 2015 The Chapel Hill Shooting in North Carolina has sparked a fair share of debate and controversy. Is it merely a parking dispute or is it a hate crime? Can non-Muslims commit hate crimes? Is it even possible for a Muslim to be a victim? Wherever you stand on the issue doesn't really bother me because my main concern wasn't the cause of the murder (it is so obvious)…

CODE RED: Cupid Is On the Prowl!

12 February 2015 Written by Seema Iyer
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By Seema Iyer, Esq. Ferbruary 12, 2015 CODE RED:  The community is on high alert.  Valentine’s Day is around the corner and so is one cherubic little criminal – Cupid.  Aliases include Amor, Cupido and Eros.  Don’t be fooled by his rosy cheeks, chubby little legs and those damn ringlets that adorn his seemingly angelic face.  He is armed and he is dangerous.  His weapon of choice – a bow and arrow. Cupid is allegedly the symbol of love.  In modern times…

"Serial" Prosecutor Blows Off Interview: Is He Hiding Something?

02 February 2015 Written by Seema Iyer
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By Seema Iyer, Esq. Ferbruary 2, 2015 Through the blizzard armed with 3,000 pages of transcripts, maps and cell phone records, I headed out to meet Kevin Urick, one of the prosecutors from the Adnan Syed case. If you are in the 1 percent of the universe that does not recognize those names, I am referring to “Serial.” a 12 episode podcast that reexamines the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, a high school student…