An Hijabi's Open Letter to Asra Nomani and Hala Arafa

01 January 2016 Written by Saira Bhatti
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By Saira Bhatti January 2, 2016 Dear Asra Nomani and Hala Arafa: You co-wrote a piece for The Washington Post titled, “As Muslim women, we actually ask you not to wear the hijab in the name of interfaith solidarity.” And while you may have meant well, you basically reduced and demonized hijabis to be judgmental ultra conservatives.   This piece is reductionist. First of all, there are no ex-hijabis or headscarf wearing women who talk about…

I'm A Teenaged Muslim and Here's What I Want You to Know About Islam

01 September 2015 Written by Areej Khan
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By Areej Khan September 1, 2015 As a young Muslim, living in America is a little more difficult than it is for the average teen. Having to prove that you are "one of the good ones" can get frustrating, and often depressing. Sometimes we as Muslims have to just deal with the ignorance of the ill informed and just try our best to educate them, but when it comes from our peer, it's even more…

Muslims Celebrate Being American

07 July 2015 Written by Huma Munir
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By Huma Munir July 6, 2015 As people gathered to celebrate the Fourth of July this year, there was heightened security in prominent locations across the country to counter any terrorist attack. The FBI issued a bulletin last month that put the Fourth of July events as possible targets for ISIS terror activity. But while some people claiming to be “Muslim,” might be plotting the next terrorist attack, there are others who marched in the…

Bring Joy to A Child in Need

17 June 2015 Written by Rasha Abousalem
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By Rasha Abousalem  June 17, 2015 I can still recall the smiles of those children I encountered in the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan almost one year ago today. I can still hear the excitement in their voices, the curiosity in their eyes of who I was, and the wanting of love and attention as their arms grasped tightly around my neck. I did not know it at the time, but I was a symbol…

Kalief Browder: Walking Dollar Sign to Lawyers

15 June 2015 Written by Seema Iyer
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By Seema Iyer, Esq. June 15, 2015 The recent suicide of Kalief Browder gained national attention because his story of solitary confinement, false arrest and interminable court delays captured our attention. But why Kalief? There are hundreds of Kaliefs, maybe some sitting and sweating in Rikers (where he was incarcerated) right this very second. The difference is that Kalief Browder became the cause de celeb of Rand, Rosie and many others. Okay, so how did…

Fame Monger: The Holdout Juror in Etan Patz Trial

12 May 2015 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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By Seema Iyer, Esq. May 6, 2015 Just a few days ago, the Etan Patz trial finally concluded – but with no resolution. Etan Patz was the 6 year-old boy who vanished in 1979, on May 25th, the day we know as National Missing Children’s Day. Etan was the first missing child to have ever been pictured on a milk carton. It wasn’t until 2012 when Pedro Hernandez, a disabled factory worker from New Jersey,…

A Prayer for Mother’s Day

09 May 2015 Written by Aziza Faruqi
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By Aziza Faruqi May 9, 2015 The second Sunday of May is observed as Mother's Day.  It is a day culminating in a short but aggressive marketing campaign every year forcing children into buying big and small, useful and useless gifts for their mothers. While Jane Seymour is coaxing you to keep your heart open so love can find its way, Hallmark is flooding the greeting cards isles with Mother’s Day cards in Walgreens and grocery stores across…

What Ayaan Hirsi Ali Doesn't Get About Islam

29 April 2015 Written by Shahina Bashir
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By Shahina Bashir April 29, 2015 Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an atheist and a former Muslim, is calling for a reformation of Islam. Her latest book titled, “Heretic- Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now” was released on March 24 and is already causing uproar in the Muslim community. Hirsi Ali is attributing the problems in the Islamic world to be rooted in the very make-up of the faith itself. She writes, “The ferment we see in the Muslim…

Pam Geller's Campaign of Hate

26 April 2015 Written by Lubna Qureshi
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By Lubna Qureshi April 27, 2015 A recent ruling by a federal judge permitted the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) to display hateful advertisements on New York subway cars and buses. The tasteless advertisements relate the killing of Jews to Islamic teachings. Since its inception in 2010, the AFDI has taken it upon itself to promote hateful advertisement by maligning the religious teachings of Islam under the umbrella of the practice of the First Amendment.…

One Man's Mission to Give the Call to Prayer in all 50 States

19 April 2015 Written by Hira Uddin
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By Hira Uddin April 20, 2015 It is uncommon for a distinguished business executive to put his professional career on hold to embark on a spiritual mission across all 50 states of America - but that is precisely the path Jameel A. Syed is currently pursuing. Accompanied by his loyal campaign manager, Yahya Sultan, Syed hopes to make history as the first man to give the adhaan (call to prayer) in 50 mosques across all 50 states. Syed explained his aim as being two-fold: "I want to make both the adhaan along with the words of Prophet Muhammad…

Why America Should Celebrate Its first Muslim College

14 April 2015 Written by Dean Obeidallah
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By Nadine Mansour April 14, 2015 Homer - Sophocles– Demosthenes - Cicero - Ibn Khaldun- St. Thomas Aquinas - Dante Which of these names is not etched into the façade of Columbia University’s main library? It’s that of Ibn Khaldun, 9th century Muslim writer, who despite being credited with founding historiography and sociology, is omitted from among these canonical writers, philosophers, and theologians because unlike the others, his work emerged from Islamic, not Western, civilization.…

Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Convenient Use of Her Muslim Identity to Bash Islam

30 March 2015 Written by Hira Uddin
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By Hira Uddin March 30, 2015 I previously thought there was nothing more terrifying than a seasoned Islamophobe preaching hatred from a platform like Fox News. The network is notorious for fabricating untruths and propagating misinformation about Islam and Muslims in order to create fear in the minds of Americans. The fact that Fox abuses the word “news” to disguise bigotry as factual information is frightening for anyone who does not come from a similar…

Why NYC Public Schools Observing The Eid Is More Important Than You Think

22 March 2015 Written by Nadine Mansour
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By Nadine Mansour March 23, 2015 Recently New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced what some American Muslim children had been waiting years to hear: NYC public schools will be closed in observance of the two holiest Muslim holidays. So come next school year, NYC public schools will close the first day of Eid al Fitr, a 3-day celebration immediately following Ramadan, and on Eid al Adha, commemorating Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son…
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